Digital Forensics for Individuals

We can recover your lost data

Recover photos, emails & documents from your crashed hard drive

If you hard drive has crashed or you can no longer access your pictures, documents, emails we can get your data back. Our forensics tools give us access to your hard drive even if can't be accessed by your computer.

  • Most recovery is only $300
  • If we cannot recovery your data, there is no fee
  • We can recover data that computer repair technicians cannot

Forgotten & lost passwords

If you have lost or forgotten your password, we can help recover it.

We recover passwords for operating systems, word and excel documents, websites and encrypted files.

Internet Investigations

Wonder what others are doing on the internet?

We can provide you with a detailed report on all the websites your computer has visited with the activity on the sites

  • Facebook and other social networks
  • Dating sites
  • Pornography sites
  • Banking sites
  • Illegal download sites


Steve was able to recover all of my photos, videos and documents from a crashed hard drive. My computer technician said there was no way to recover it, but now I have back years worth of photos and videos
Vance Clegg