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Digital Evidence Breaks the Stalemate

by: Steve Linn

I’m often asked what I view is the most powerful tool that digital forensics provides attorneys.  I could go through a laundry list of citations and technical jargon that demonstrates what I have been able to reveal from phones and computers.   However the real answer to this question is quite simple.

The most powerful tool we provide is the ability to break a stalemate.

Hear is what I mean:

In the past year I have worked on 3 cases that simply were stalled for one reason or another.  When I enter the scene and we ask for digital information…specifically when we are granted a request to investigate a CEO or other high ranking officer’s email at a company, the stalemate ends.  The reason is because the perceived pain and exposure of having your email combed through is too invasive and personal.

There was no formal investigation, no chain of custody or forensic copy of information.  We simply crafted an excellent request for discovery.  The cost….less than $200… ending almost 14 months of work.

Think about the possibilities of bringing in an expert beyond the the expense of a full fledged investigation.  Many times we can accomplish a goal with a simple well planned strategy and request.